Mehrdad Mirzaie is a multidisciplinary artist from Iran, based in the US, whose work predominantly revolves around the image-based medium with a deep focus on reinterpreting images of the past and the interplay between past and present. Currently pursuing an MFA in photography at Arizona State University. 
Born and raised in Tehran, Mehrdad received his BFA in photography from the Tehran Art University in 2012. His artistic practice has shown an exploration of the power of images as vessels of historical narratives. With a keen interest in archives, image studies, and alternative processes, Mehrdad delves into the complexities of the relation of history and narrations. 
Over the past decade, Mehrdad has contributed to various archive projects, both individually and as part of collaborative teams. His studies to reimagining history are not limited to the medium of photography alone; rather, he uses a diverse range of artistic mediums to visualize his thoughts. This interdisciplinary approach encompasses political, societal, and cultural dimensions.
Mehrdad's artistic process is rooted in his interest in the history of photography, which serves as a wellspring of his inspiration. His exploration extends beyond physical photographs and delves into the realm of mental imagery, where he contemplates the narratives behind the images and seeks to shed new light on established historical narrations. Mehrdad tries to generate a discourse that invites viewers to critically engage with the image of the past, and also he tries to spark conversations that traverse time periods and prompt contemplation of the intricate relationship between history and contemporary society.

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